Wednesday, November 30, 2011

31 Days of "Not So Random" Acts of Kindness

I have seen some wonderful ideas on Pinterest about Random Acts of Kindness.  I love the idea and the concept......I have a problem with random.  I can't be random when designing things, etc.  So, I came up with a list of acts of kindness to do, but assigned them a day.  Do you want to join me?  While this is the season of giving, sometimes we, as a people, aren't so nice in our day to day interactions with strangers.  Let's see if we can make a difference, one kind act at a time.  Here's my list:

31 Days of Not so Random
Acts of Kindness

1.  Smile and say “Have a good day” to everyone you meet.
2.  While driving or in line somewhere, let some in front of you.
3.  “Catch” someone else doing something nice and tell them “nice job.”
4. Visit someone sick, in a nursing home, or lives alone.
5. Give someone a call who you know needs a kind word.
6.  Make some cards (Christmas or “Have a nice day” and get them to a Meals on Wheels program or nursing home.
7.  Return a shopping cart for someone.
8.  Call your Mom or Dad and tell them you love them.
9.  Get some small candy canes and give them to everyone you meet.
10. Buy a hot chocolate for a Salvation Army bell ringer
12.  Send an e-mail to your siblings saying Merry Christmas.
13.  Tape miniature candy canes w/notes on vending machines, ATM’s.
14.  Prepare Christmas Candy Kisses into baggies and give to postal workers.
15.  Get several $1 bills and give them to any pan handlers you see
16.  Decorate a tree outside for the birds/squirrels with popcorn/peanut butter
17.  Buy a few can goods an drop them where some place is collecting
18.  Take a treat to a neighbor
19.  Open the door for someone else
20.  Drop some goodies by for the waiting room of a hospital
21.  Leave your change in a vending machine for the next person
22.  Do something nice for your co-worker
23.  Hug a child today.
24.  Say Merry Christmas to every you meet today.
25.  Take time to express gratitude for our Savior.
26.  Send a note of appreciation to someone who has done something for you in the past.
27.  Play a game with a child/spouse/family member today.
28.  Offer to help someone with a task they don’t want to do.
29.  Take a walk and be thankful for the beauty of the world (say a prayer in your heart)
30.  Run an errand for someone.
31.  Find someone who works at a hospital or nursing home and prepare/buy a treat for a shift at a nursing station.
I am sure most of you can come up with a better list, but most of these don't take much money, if any, and most don't take a lot of pre-planning.  Just kindness.
As a family when my children were young, we did the 12 Days of Christmas and would pick a family each year and for the 12 days right before Christmas, ending with Christmas Eve, we would leave gifts and treats anonymously on their doorstep.  Christmas Eve we would bring 12 of something yummy they could use on Christmas Day and we would reveal ourselves.  This is missed as the family has all grown and flown the coup - with the exception of one.  These  Acts of Kindness will be similar and hopefully help spread some Christ-like Cheer.
If your willing to give a try with me....I would love to hear some of  your feelings and the reactions of others as you go along.  Let's do it starting tomorrow!  Are you in?

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