Thursday, November 24, 2011


Polka Dot Banner

In case you didn't know....I like Polka dots, and I like here is a perfect combination.  I have been checking banners out for a while now and decided to try my hand.  Most of the ones I have seen, you sew them to ribbon or bias binding.  I saw a business site recently that used the pennants on a ribbon with button holes.  This seemed like a good idea, that way, you could seperate the pennants if your space you were putting your banner was wider.  So I looked at several tutorials on Pinterest and even found a free download (which I can't find again to share the link) for the pennant. 

I sewed around 3 sides and left an opening at the top, just big enough I could turn it.  It took awhile to turn them all and then press them.  Longer than I thought it would.  I then marked two buttonholes, using 5/8" ribbon as my size guide.  I choose to use black thread on both colors of pennants, because I planned to use black ribbon.  The whole process was a little more lengthy than I orginally thought it would and I am not happy with the pennants being able to move on the ribbon.  Each time I hang them up, I have to arrange them.  I may or may not put the letters on this one:  Party Time.  Putting nothing on them gives me options.  Next up:  Christmas Fabric Banner (rectangles) on quilt binding.

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